Boek Review: Dolly; A Ghost Story (Susan Hill, 2012)

book review dolly a ghost story susan hill

“It was as I neared three gravestones that were set against the low wall at the back that the sense of urgency became very strong. (…) At first I could not make it out but after a few moments, I thought it sounded as if something was rustling, a dry sound, like that made by the wind in the reed beds, but softer and fainter. It came from under the grass, under the earth. A rustling as if someone were…”

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Boek Review: Under A Watchful Eye (Adam Nevill, 2017)

book review under a watchful eye adam nevill

‘“And there was someone outside the house, crawling or something. It sounded like someone was rubbing themselves against the wall, or dragging themselves down the side of the house. (…) I could hear these voices too. Tiny voices. They were tiny elderly voices. Old people. A crowd of them. They were in the room somewhere, like in a corner that I couldn’t see, or in the air above the bed. It was horrid.”’

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